Hello, world!

In a lot of ways I feel like I’m starting fresh here, sort of a new dawn.

As most of you well know, Lynzi Living stems from my Lynzi Judish account on Instagram. It started out as a fashion blog and slowly started to gain speed with home content once I moved into my new house. It’s been close to two years since moving to the Hudson Valley from Manhattan and the process of turning a house into a home has been such a joy. I think it also unearthed some design talent I never knew I possessed.

I recently decided to start Lynzi Living so my home content could have a place of its own. Between integrating home content and in turn some things like recipes that go along with it, my Instagram was feeling like I really needed to pick a lane. So, I decided to pick two lanes and drive two cars.

I’m so very excited about this endeavor. I find myself gravitating more and more in this direction as things like design and upcycling have brought me so much joy. I can never say what the future will bring, afterall mine seems to always surprise me when the tide shifts and I drift in directions I never thought possible. To have an outlet for whatever duration this will feel meaningful to me is such a fantastic prospect and I have soooo much to share. In fact, I decided to jot down some ideas last week and next thing I knew I had a full content calendar for the month of July. I’m set! It involves things like Disney date nights, upcycling projects, my favorite home purchases, some of my recent travels, how-tos and more. I also left some days open for spontaneity or moments I enjoy in my home.

I sincerely hope you love what is to come. I’ll put my heart and soul into this blog if you’ll let me. :)

Thank you for being here!

With love,