Hey, friend!

My name is Lynzi, so nice to meet you. I’m a home and lifestyle influencer based in the Hudson Valley. I also have a husband, three dogs and a big fixer upper house that will be a lifelong labor of love.

My journey to blogging about the home had some twists and turns. Way back when, I was a fashion photographer as well as an editor-in-chief of a fashion publication. It was my love and passion for a long time until I started to feel disconnected with myself and the industry as my body changed and I became a plus-size woman. I was disenchanted with my career, but I still loved clothing and being a photographer, so falling into work as a fashion influencer was natural. I found my new love and I haven’t looked back. When I no longer had a need to work in the city and my husband was working from home already, we decided to move upstate. We bought our home and the rest is history. I’m still working as a fashion influencer and touch a lot on body positivity, but I’ve found a passion for interior design and decorating that I never knew I had. It turns out I have a pretty great eye for creating a home and my audience grew to love it. Then the time came that I wanted to do more without alienating my followers who wanted to see clothing, so Lynzi Living was born. It’s a special place where I can share my home content, upcycling projects, ideas and sprinkle in some recipes and travels because this is for ME.

I hope you love popping around the site. I’m so happy to have your support along the way. Welcome, neighbor!