A sugar-free lifestyle is still relatively new to me, but I've learned a lot in my short time.

Early this year I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. My body isn't processing sugar, which is also a problem for women with PCOS, which I also have. Double whammy! Evidently sugar just shouldn't be a thing, which is unfortunate for a woman who loves to bake and has a serious sweet tooth.

This honestly felt like a bit of a death sentence. I know I'm being hyperbolic, but there was a lot of crying when I got my diagnosis. Once the tears stopped, the dread crept in. I've known a lot of diabetic people over the year who have to avoid sugar and I've heard the sugar-free options are BAD. I mean, back in the day do you remember what a sugar-free Coke tasted like? Garbage. It tasted like garbage. Much like diet sodas have improved (I swear the A&W root beer doesn't even taste diet), so have the sweets. That's not to say there aren't nasty tasting sugar-free products out there. I've tried more bad ones than good, sadly. However, when a brand really nails it, well, it feels like nothing has changed.

I have a big tray in my pantry full of my sugar-free sweets, which I pulled out to photograph for all of you. These are the products I personally think are the best of the best. These are the things that trick Dave and he doesn't even know.

I'm going to work my way around this sugar-free charcuterie board and give you a little info here.

Throughout the board you'll see a lot of Lily's. Lily's chocolate options are immense and are sort of the holy grail because they're all good. My absolute favorites are the chocolate chips because they're soooo good for baking, not to mention a nice snack. I like to put one milk chocolate chip inside a raspberry as a snack. Lots of those! You can find Lily's in a lot of grocery stores, but the options are generally pretty limited. A store generally carries a few things, if you're lucky. I've had my best luck for both affordable prices and options on the Target website. I've tried a few times and have never seen any in my store.

My new favorite thing in the world is Voortman cookies. I go to ShopRite and they started carrying them at mine recently and, well, there's no going back. These are by far the best sugar-free cookies I've ever tasted, hands down. I could eat a whole pack sooo easily. My favorites are the oatmeal and the chocolate chip. Oh, and the double chocolate! They also have a ton of wafer flavors. Walmart carries all of them on their website.

Fat Snax! brownie bites are definitely the best brownie option I've found, but they might be discontinued. I can't find them anywhere. I would avoid their big cookies (I think they're weird), but the minis are good!

Highkey mini cookies are bomb and keto, so they're extra healthy. I've seen them in a grocery store literally once, so I buy mine on Amazon.

Out of all the many sugar-free options that have come out of mainstream brands, the York peppermint patties are, in my humble opinion, the same as the OG. They don't taste any different to me. You have to be careful eating them because they have a lot of malitol, but they're very yum. I've seen these at CVS and ShopRite, but you can order them for cheaper on Walmart.

Please omit the Atkins peppermint patties. I've changed my mind and have decided they aren't as good as the other things on this list. I don't even bother with sugar-free items that can't match items with actual sugar.

Awww my love Fun Factory Sweets! They are a small chocolatier based out of Wisconsin that I found via a Google search. These are AMAZING. I keep a box of their assorted box of chocolates around the house for when I'm feeling fancy. Sometimes when I eat them I have to triple check that they're sugar-free because they're so damn good!

Keto Pint is new to my arsenal. They reached out and were kind enough to send me a bunch of samples and damn...they're all delicious. Their chocolate bars are like gourmet dark chocolate, the peanut butter cups are some of the best I've had and don't even get me started on the ice cream. I've seen it in a store once and regret not buying every mint chocolate chip ice cream on the shelf because it's the only keto mint chocolate that's actually good!

My beloved Magic Spoon cereal is the little o's in the middle bowl. I know it's not technically a snack, but I like to snack on them, especially when I want something fruity because I haven't really found sugar-free fruit snacks that I love. I personally LOVE their blueberry. They were kind enough to give me a code for my followers. Use code LYNZI5 for $5 off on all purchases.

Lastly, my morning biscotti! My favorite of their flavors is the vanilla chip. I was really craving biscotti for a while and this is the only one that has done anything for me. I've tried other flavors and I personally think this is the best one by far!

All the best for my besties! I do want to remind you that just because these are sugar-free does not mean these are zero calorie foods. They may have less calories than their sugary counterparts, but they are still dessert at the end of the day. It's just dessert diabetics and fatty liver disease and PCOS and all the other sugar-intolerant peeps can have. A few are keto-friendly though. The FatSnax!, Lily's, Highkey, Keto Pint and Magic Spoon are legitimately pretty healthy for you. Enjoy!