I’ve seen some videos floating around TikTok of the Disney Date Night and I’ve been dying to do it. It’s super simple. You pick some movies to put into envelopes, alongside some ideas for things that match the theme and then you draw it at random to pick your date night theme. I was elated when Dave’s first pull was Beauty and the Beast because a) it’s one of my favorite Disney movies and b) there are A TON of food options in the movie, so coming up with a themed meal was very easy.

My date night card for this was mostly food. All of our date nights are based around food, let’s be honest, but this time the dinner was 100% the main event. I wanted to make souffles (which I’d never done before), figure out something that looked like “the gray stuff”, drink bubbly and have a romantic candlelit dinner. Then watch the movie, obviously.

We actually drew the envelope a few days before so we had time to plan if need be. This one happened to be super easy, but we did it just in case. I put a few things in those envelopes that required some things. Lol. It was also so lucky that I had a yellow dress from Rent the Runway at home that was literally perfect for this!

So, I started off by making my first ever souffles. I have always been very intimidated by them, which was a fair assessment after having made these. They’re difficult, no doubt. I didn’t have proper souffle ramekins, which I think is what gave mine such a strange shape. They were delicious though! I made them with gruyere and they were tops!

For the gray stuff, I simply made shortbread cookies with whipped cream dyed gray. I need to impart some knowledge about making whipped cream. I use powdered monk fruit sugar instead of regular sugar and it doesn’t taste any different, I swear. I dare you to make it for someone without telling them there’s not regular sugar in it and see what they say. Anyway, it’s very easy. It’s 1 cup whipping cream, a tsp vanilla and 3 tbs monk fruit sugar. Refrigerate your whisk and bowl for 30 minutes before you make it so the tools are nice and cool and don’t melt the cream at all. This is especially important when it’s hot. Then whisk until stiff peaks and you’re done!

I finally had a reason to take out my hella fancy champagne glasses, so that was a major bonus, and I got to use my battery operated votives that y’all know I’m obsessed with. I don’t know if it’s tacky or not, but I straight do not care! I stand by my votives and their adorable holders.

We had a candlelit, romantic dinner with lots of laughs and then I forced Dave to watch Beauty and the Beast for the 100th time and he was a trooper. He’s honestly not so into this Disney Date Night stuff. He ends up always having fun when I plan these kinds of things, but the initial idea he’s never convinced by. He’s a man of little faith.

This was so much fun! I made 20 envelopes to start with. I wonder what we’ll pull next!

Here’s a little video of the full event: