I'm a big fan of Amazon. I mean, I think everyone is for a multitude of reasons. It's especially my favorite when it comes to the kitchen. I have a lot of things I've bought from Amazon over the years both on my countertop and in my drawers.

I want to show you my top 10 favorites. These are my go-to items that I can guarantee are fabulous and you'll want in your kitchen, too!

  1. Sweese Mugs These are my newest fav in the kitchen and I honestly haven't used my other mugs since. They're stackable, so I've decided to keep them in my coffee tray and boy, they are convenient! Since they stack they don't take up much space, they're sizable so I can have my big cups of coffee, they wash great in the dishwasher, they're super sturdy and the colors really match my kitchen. They're great!

2. Honey Pot This little jar has been a great addition to my countertop. I recently decided I wanted to make a little coffee and tea station because Dave and I are pulling out everything we need daily. This looks so pretty in comparison to the plastic honey jar you get at the grocery store and I actually like the wand better than squeezing honey out of a container. It was a very cheap fix to an ugly problem.

3. Serving Trays I have two of these in the kitchen to help organize a bit. I think it's so nice to use it for smaller bits, that way I can move them all at once from the countertop when I'm cleaning. It also looks nice to have them organized. I have a third one of these trays I actually use for serving when Dave and I want breakfast in bed.

4. Chemex This is actually a Dave tool, but I have great respect because it's where the good coffee comes from. Coffee just hasn't been the same since Dave started doing this pour over coffee method and now I never want to go back, not to mention it looks beautiful on a countertop.

5. Electric Kettle The thing that makes this kettle so special is the gooseneck and the myriad of setting depending on what you're making. It's really nice for pour over coffee and it's just impossible to make a mess with, not to mention it's mad durable. We've had this for years now and it still works and looks great. I mean, it could use a little wash, but that's not the kettle's fault, poor thing.

6. Utensil Holders This utensil holder is just stunning. The bottom is a copper color and the top is concrete, so it has a very modern look AND it's heavy. There's no knocking this thing over no matter how much shit you stuff in it. It also comes in a gold or silver base. I think this would also make for a great planter!

7. Salt and Pepper Grinders These are just stunning and they match the house so well. I unintentionally ended up buying a lot of pieces in the house in walnut, totally unplanned, so this was the perfect fit. It comes in a ton of colors and finishes and has been great for two years. They honestly still look perfect. I also love the options with the twist top as far as fine or course salt and pepper go. There's a marked difference and that's very useful.

8. Stovetop Kettle Yes, we have two kettles. I'm a firm believer every stove needs a kettle to look right. It's an integral part of the look. I do use this sometimes though because it just makes me happy. The lid for the whistle says "Whistle While You Work", which obviously tickles me.

9. Measuring Cups These are easily the most beautiful measuring cups I've ever seen. I didn't know I needed them in copper until I saw these. I mean, they are just your standard measuring cups, but the color has held up great over the past year and they're just so damn pretty!

10. Dusting Wand How I dusted anything with powder sugar before a dusting wand is beyond me. As a baker, this felt like a lightbulb moment when I first used it. Black magic! It's not messy at all and super easy to use. Just twist the base to open and close and shake to dust.

I love it all!!! It's the good stuff. :)